My Motto

It should look
not homemade.

About Laura


My formal education led me to a career in technology for over a decade in the advertising business. Having children led me to my career at home raising them. My passion for sewing and creating has been steady throughout both these ventures. My shoppe has been open for 10 years and continues to be my pride and passion.



My Experience


I learned to sew as a child from the best teacher, my mother. Her mother taught her. I am a third generation sentimental sewer. I have made many dresses and heirlooms using wedding gowns. Planning and precision are necessary to make minimal gown cuts in order to preserve remnants for future projects.




My Commitment


Working with wedding gowns and fine fabrics requires much handwork, detail and time. I enjoy learning the history that comes with each wedding dress that I will undo. Weaving a new chapter from these beautiful garments is an honor for me.